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Empower Your Decision

Data must be consolidated and provided in a meaningful form so that it is easily accessible, practical and independent for the decision making.

We serve as a champion for data-driven decision-making and provide platforms with the support and resources to act in the same manner.

About Us

As a subsidiary of Pavo Group, which has already reached 20 years of experience, we acted by declaring that our main priority is data. We have many capabilities within the group, from the establishment of data centers to data transfer via the switches. Our first stop on this journey was the DataCube. With DataCube, we have taken our communication and ability to process and control a data to a highest level. As a result of this movement that was started with the emphasize on data and the deployment of data in our center, we had the opportunity to create a family of products that was named as “Qorela”.

With the help of Qorela, we have created a structure where we can understand the data and make relevant decisions. Together with our experienced staff and highly qualified managers, the Qorela Team strive to empower your decision making and analysis processes more efficiently in every sector where there is a data, from defense to the finance sector, from law enforcement to the healthcare sector.

Vision & Mission


We are focused on helping instutitions and companies scale their business and operations through best technology. We serve all the entities that are over their capacity and need to improve their internal processes to get to the next level.


To make Qorela a household name in  the Data industry  providing solutions to our customers and associates and create a strong society group with whom we envision our diverse growth and development.  

Interprobe is a company that specializes in high-tech security solutions, including next-generation defense technologies, cyber threat intelligence, cyber security, cryptography, and special software solutions. They offer solutions in fields such as data security, data analytics, and tactical and strategic cyber defense and intelligence. They are a reliable partner for persistence, legal compliance and smart networks, and they work with law enforcement, defense industry and telecommunications sectors. The company's Crypt R&D Center focuses on designing, analyzing and implementing customized cryptographic protocols and algorithms, and they also offer consultancy services in the field of forensic informatics and training packages in cyber security and cryptology. They have expertise in providing effective and efficient services for companies and government clients across the region. They pride themselves on taking a straightforward approach to a complicated area, which helps them to maintain focus and work directly with clients to fulfill their complex information security requirements.

The PAVO Group is a group of companies that have been working for more than 20 years to make the world safer, more valuable and sustainable, offering value at global standards. They provide solutions for all aspects of social life and work to evaluate opportunities in an interconnected world. They analyze future battlefields in light of changing technology and support national security missions of their partners. They specialize in the development of value-defining products and solutions in various disciplines such as autonomous systems, communication systems, cyber security and avionics systems. They closely follow global developments, give direction, transcend scientific and technological boundaries, and work to bring the power of transforming the future to today.