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Institutions can solve the major problems and change the world into a better place if they learn how to work with data. Even though, many people and entities realize the vitality of data, they lack a proper technology that would enable them a proper usage of it. Every single entity, starting from law enforcement sector and ending with finance one, has an immense amount of significant and vital data, and with the right technology implemented, this raw data could be transformed into a whole new universe. In order to fulfill that minor gap and omission within the various entities, our team of professionals came up with an idea to create a platform that would facilitate the entities’ jobs drastically.

We do believe that “Qorela DC” will be that game changing platform. Qorela DC is an end-to-end Self Service Big Data Analytics Platform that provides the ability to import your data from many different sources with its various transformation and enrichment tools, perform high-speed analytical operations on this data, and provide a deep analysis and depiction of the processed data via the graphical representations.

How it Works?

Introducing Qorela DC - the revolutionary big data analytics platform that streamlines your data journey. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes of finding, gathering, and analyzing dispersed data across silos. With Qorela DC, all your data is already linked and readily available at your fingertips, saving your precious time and resources.

Our powerful automation tools speed up results by effectively managing crucial analytical tasks, empowering users to effortlessly create, comprehend, and execute complex queries in record time. And with advanced visualizations, Qorela DC offers intuitive and dynamic representation of processed data, allowing for easy interpretation and analysis.

Experience the future of big data analytics with Qorela DC and unlock the full potential of your data.

The Platform

In a digital world, it is essential to identify, manage and analyze the data from different sources in order to get insightful results and make the significant decisions.Qorela DC combines and enhances massive amounts of data and  presents them in an unified interface that enables the users to collaborate on making decisions more quickly and precisely.


Perform a simple data integration process that combines data from multiple data sources and consolidates it into a database.

Qorela DC makes it possible to ingest all types of data into the platform.


Connect all your data in once place and present your joined data via the Dataverse Viewer, an extremely flexible Enterprise knowledge Graph to re-arrange data around easily understandable business objects like people, citizenship, transactions, banking information, vehicle information and etc.

The knowledge graph is focused on the connections and interconnections between the datasets and may thus provide you with an instant 360-degree picture of any individual , group, event or anything else.


Perform complex series of analysis by just clicking on the datasets and get your desired results and insights. We have made sure that our platform is built upon the concept of no code environment therefore all the users, regardless if they have a technical background or not, would be able to perform all the operations in quick and comprehensive manner.


Create the recipes, or in other words, your most favorite questions. Recipes are common dataset analysis which are used the most.

This particular function can save vast amount of time during the data analysis.


Get your desired results quickly by just typing what you are searching for. Our platform enables the users to get the insights on their data without the need for the complex series of queries.


Ask further questions and deepen your investigation. We have made sure that our users can get the most, if not all, from their data.


Display the desired results and insights of the processed data via the visual representation.

Your entity's insights can be represented in form of maps,tables and infographics such as pie charts, bar charts, funnels and etc.


Create the alerts during the process of both data ingestion and analysis. Alerts will notify the users of their key business events that they should detect or cannot afford to miss . This feature helps you to make quick informed decisions.  

Embrace Data

When you are ahead in data, you are ahead in the corporate run.


Qorela DC is a generic product with a primary aim to create the world's best user experience platform for working with data, one that empowers users to ask any question in a facilitated way, even if one has no technical background. To achieve this, our platform enables the users to not only integrate, manage and store data, but also perform the fully interactive, human-driven, machine assisted storytelling analyses. Moreover, the users would be able to present their results in visual form in order to get more insights from their processed data.  

Who Will Use?

  • Domain Experts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Analysts

Domain experts who possess the knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of the company.

You are good to go if you have a great understanding of where all your information and data came from and what the results will be used for.

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