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Qorela DC

Qorela DC is a self-service big data analytics platform which enables its users to create data ingesting pipelines for transforming, cleansing and fusing data from various sources into a single distributed big data warehouse. It provides capabilities to perform data analysis with complex patterns in an easy-to-use fashion, even without having any technical background.

Domain Experts: Domain experts who possess the knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of the organization. You are good to go if you have a great understanding of where all your information and data came from and what the results will be used for.

Data Engineers: Data engineers who have knowledge how to collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information. Make your data more accessible so that organization can use it to evaluate and optimize your performance.

Data Analysts: Experts who can gather, clean and study datasets to answer the questions and help solve problems. Convert your raw data into a usable information for data analysts to interpret it.

Geospatial and Temporal: For some type of analysis, data must be seen in the context place and time. Our platform enables the users to view how their data changes over time as well as displays data on the map.

Uncover Suspicious Patterns: Discover valid patterns and inferences that lead to more informed insights, conclusions and enable the users to make coherent decisions.

Powerful Team: We have more than 20 years of experience in data engineering and data analysis. Our team of professionals are behind the all the processes and are always there for you to provide the best solutions and services.

Secured by Design: Implements case management and information security procedures that provide complete compartmentalization and secure teamwork.

End to End: Fuses and enriches large-scale, varied data to present a clear, logical and cohesive picture of people, places, organizations, events, etc.

360 Degrees on a Single Pane: All your data is right in front of you. Our Qorela DC Dataverse provides a flexible, visual representation of all your data organized in comprehensive manner. We made sure that our users can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Make Use of Media Formats: Advanced AI algorithms and machine learning modules are prebuilt into the platform.

Pluggable AI: Leverage artificial intelligence in data analysis and discover meaningful insights for your company

Nation Wide Scale: Apply data analysis techniques to a large amount of data in big data repositories. Use our systems and processes to review, analyze and present information in a form that is more meaningful for your organization.

Ready to Use Analytics: Examine big data to uncover information such as hidden patterns, correlations, market trends and customer preferences and make informed decisions.

Cost-effective: Cost-effective solution effortlessly integrates into your enterprise environment

No Code Environment: We have made sure that even users with no technical background would be able to use our platform thoroughly

Alerts & Actions: Create the alerts during the process of both data ingestion and analysis and take actions accordingly.

Connect Anywhere: Independently access any data type and input source, map it, extract it, and then ingest all of the resulting data.

Respect the Presence: Our platform is harmless to your main components including hardware, software, networking, services and etc.

  • Elastic Search
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • IBM DB2
  • Teradata
  • Mongo DB
  • File System (Audio, Avro, CSV, Email, Excel, Image, JSON, ORC, Parquet, Text, XML)
  • Qorela itself

Qorela DC as being a fully in-house developed platform, our highly skilled development team would be delighted to get your data source and sink requirements and to make your tailor-made analytics platform ready as you need.

Qorela DC is a self-service big data analytics platform that allows its users to construct queries and reports with a single mouse click and inner/outer filtering capabilities out of powerful link charts. It does not require experienced users in Data Engineering or SQL and offers fast query results with parallel execution of queries. It helps analysts in decision-making process by revealing all data together in one place, and guides analysts through its interactive query capabilities to avoid waste of time on dead-end analysis. The platform allows for filtering and sorting of datasets, and allows users to view sample data, drag and drop datasets, and save queries as public or private. The platform also offers multiple ways to display query results, including as a relational graph, infographic, map or map-graph, and allows for exporting and sharing of query results.

Qorela DC performs data visualization through its Dashboard and Monitoring Module, which allows users to visualize query results in chart-based representations and easily explore and expand datasets through relations. The module supports various chart formats such as Bar, Pie, Line, Funnel, Sun-Burst, Gauge, Pictorial, Word Cloud, Map and Map-Graph. Users can compose dashboards from constructed queries and continuously monitor system health through pre-defined system dashboards. The module also allows users to map columns to metrics and dimensions and change the view of the results in accordance with a visualization format. Users can also create and categorize various dashboards, update cards in a dashboard, and refresh dashboards at certain time intervals. Additionally, the module enables users to easily navigate between previously constructed dashboards by clicking on data values and lists dashboards that use that column in its query. Qorela DC gathers all system and application logs and provides system level dashboards for easy observation of the current status of the system.

Qorela DC handles data/resource security and privacy by using leveraging its AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) service. This service allows for user authentication and authorization to ensure that only authorized users have access to specific resources and data. Users are required to provide credentials such as a username and password to gain access to the system. Once authenticated, the system then checks the user's authorization level and grants or denies access to specific resources or data based on their level of clearance. Additionally, the system keeps track of all user actions and maintains an accounting of these actions to ensure compliance with security policies and regulations. The system also encrypts all data stored and transmitted to ensure that it is protected from unauthorized access and breaches. These security measures help to ensure that user data and resources remain private and protected at all times.

Qorela DC offers various levels of support and training to ensure that our customers are able to fully utilize the capabilities of our platform.

  • Level 1 Support: Our support team is available to assist with basic technical issues, such as troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Level 2 Support: Our team of deployment specialists are available to assist with more complex issues and provide guidance on best practices for deploying and using Qorela DC.
  • Level 3 Support: Our team of experts are available for consultation and custom development services to meet specific business needs.

In addition to our support offerings, we also offer various training options to ensure that our customers are able to effectively use Qorela DC. Our training options include:

  • Online documentation and tutorials
  • Webinars and online training sessions
  • In-person training and workshops
  • Customized training programs tailored to your specific needs

We are dedicated to ensure that our customers are able to fully leverage the capabilities of Qorela DC and are always available to provide assistance and support as needed.

If you are interested in learning more about Qorela DC or would like to see a demo of the product, please email us at Our team will be happy to provide you with more information and schedule a demo at your convenience.

Qorela DC is a self-service big data analytics platform that simplifies data ingestion, storage, querying, and visualization all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Qorela DC is most suitable for companies that prioritize utilizing context in their advanced analytics and AI endeavors, and appreciate our comprehensive analytic and data management features, such as intricate no-code querying, graph algorithms, knowledge graph, and data store.

While Qorela DC does offer the capability to display link charts, it is just a minor aspect of our overall offerings. The true strength of Qorela DC lies in its ability to combine and examine data from multiple sources for efficient querying, graph analysis, and machine learning.

Qorela IMC

Qorela IMC is a comprehensive platform designed to assist Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) in identifying and analyzing data from various sources that may be connected to illegal activity. It operates on any network and provides a suite of tools to aid in complex investigations, acting as a Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility (LEMF) as well as a big data analytics platform leveraging powerful link analysis and visualization capabilities. The system is optimized for quick query processing and can handle high transaction rates, making it capable of handling the demands of large telecommunications networks. It is also fully compliant with European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards and can work with any equipment from various vendors, ensuring consistent capabilities. Additionally, it can seamlessly integrate into current multi-vendor and multi-service networks and has a granular authorization mechanism that allows for secure segregation of networks, users, and authorities. The platform includes investigative tools that are built on strong filtering and query capabilities, advanced graphical analysis functions and AI-driven automation for a quick discovery of concealed information. It is designed to be transparent and reliable, providing simplicity and speed of use for all lawful interception requirements.

Qorela IMC is primarily intended for use by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and the user roles within such organizations are likely to include:

  • Investigators: the main users of the system, who will use its various tools and features to conduct investigations and analyze data from various sources.
  • Supervisors: individuals responsible for overseeing the work of investigators and managing the system's configuration and settings.
  • Administrators: responsible for the technical maintenance and management of the system, including user management, system updates, and compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Technical experts: individuals with specialized knowledge of the system's capabilities and how to utilize them effectively.

It is possible that the system could also be used by other government agencies or organizations with similar needs, but the primary target audience of the software is LEAs.

Electronic surveillance: The system allows the collection and analysis of intercept related information (IRI) data and call content (CC) from GSM or satellite phones, integrated with LIMS, which is required to be set up in service providers’ side, in order to monitor and observe the activities of individuals.

Artificial intelligence-supported recording: The voice data of the conversation transferred from the call intercept systems to Qorela IMC are automatically converted from speech to text using NLP abilities; aiming to improve the performance of the personnel responsible for transcribing the conversation.

Extraction of conversation summary: An NLP-based artificial intelligence software developed to enable the extraction of summary information from written conversations.

Live listening capability: The audio of a conversation transferred from the call intercept systems to Qorela IMC is transferred to the screens of the listening operators in near-real-time and in this way, it contributes to the formation of the danger perception of the law enforcement at the moment the conversation takes place.

Data analysis: The system includes tools and techniques to analyze data from various sources and identify patterns and trends that may be relevant to an investigation. This function includes data mining, social network analysis and other analytical tools. The data analysis screens are designed as graph-based and has a user-friendly visual interface that can be used by users who do not have any software code knowledge. By setting up alerting conditions on specified analysis, actions can be taken throughout the system, enabling users to monitor their data status on an ongoing basis.

Data visualization: The system provides dashboards which are made of dashboard cards as a result of sketched analysis on the system. Those dashboards can be designed in a parameterized way and can run on specified intervals in order to increase awareness on incoming data flow.

Cooperation and sharing: The system provides tools and features that allow law enforcement agencies to cooperate and share information with other institutions in real-time.

Security and privacy: The system is designed with strong security and privacy controls to protect sensitive data and ensure that it is accessible only by authorized personnel.

Qorela IMC uses natural language processing methodologies to provide Speech-to-Text and synopsis capabilities of transcribed audio data, and develops algorithms and machine learning techniques in order to match the sounds in speech with predefined word sets. It also listens to the user in live stream of the audio files extracted as a result of processing the queue and buffer data structures of TCP packets with RTP over UDP payload, which are sent in a mixed manner over different channels at the same time, in near real-time. With the ability to handle up to 3000 concurrent target communications, Qorela IMC is able to provide real-time, accurate, and actionable intelligence to law enforcement agencies. Our powerful audio processing capabilities are the foundation of our ability to provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable monitoring solutions on the market today. By leveraging the latest advancements in AI and big data analytics, Qorela IMC is able to provide the most comprehensive and effective monitoring solutions for law enforcement agencies around the world.

Qorela IMC includes data analysis & visualization components on which investigators can execute their visually sketched queries and visualize their results on dashboards easily, without the need for any technical background.

Qorela IMC is specifically designed to meet the needs of large scale law enforcement agencies. It is able to handle a high volume of concurrent communication streams, making it suitable for monitoring and intercepting a large number of targets. Additionally, it is compliant with ETSI/3GPP standards, ensuring that the audio processing is conducted in a secure and reliable manner. Furthermore, it also provides advanced features such as link analysis and real-time AI-driven functions to help agencies gather insights from data, making it an ideal solution for large scale operations. Its unique end-to-end platform interface, ability to gather data from various sources and its ability to perform correlated data operations in a fast and efficient way, makes it a powerful tool for large scale law enforcement agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about Qorela IMC or would like to see a demo of the product, please email us at Our team will be happy to provide you with more information and schedule a demo at your convenience.