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In a digital environment, it's crucial to locate and examine communications in order to solve investigations. Law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies must swiftly assess data from many sources. Our Qorela IMC platform for Lawful Interception offers comprehensive support for a wide range of needs and operates seamlessly across various networks. Our monitoring system assists LEA's operators in doing in-depth analyses of the data that enables to perform complex investigations via simple and efficient correlation and search tools.

How It Works?

Law enforcement and government agencies can have an ability to eavesdrop on users of communication networks providing they have a legal right to do so. Qorela IMC helps law enforcement to benefit with speedy identification and analysis of data from a variety of sources that may be connected to illegal activity.

The use of Qorela IMC makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to obtain required data legally.


The complexity of the current  communication environment highlights the need for instruments for legal interception that are adaptable enough to handle the broadest variety of wired and wireless communication exchanges. As a result, efficient solutions must be readily available to adress all legitimate surveillance requests from agencies authorized by law to obtain the information.  Our solution is reliable to meet real-world challenges in a tested and secure way as well as integrates easily into existing network infrastructures.

The Platform

Investigative tools are built on strong, comprehensive, and straightforward filtering and query capabilities, especially when paired with advanced graphical analysis functions for a quick discovery of concealed significant information and single source of assistance and analysis for all Lawful Interception requirements. The system provides AI-driven automation,  simplicity and speed of use, harness publicly available data in near real-time, Integration to existing database and much more.