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Decide With Data.

The concept of "Intuition," simply deciding on what is right and what is wrong, is imbued with great amount of  significance and influence in society. Though intuition can be a helpful tool, entities cannot afford this type of luxury while making data-driven decisions. Discover how our products make data more usable and accessible, generating insights that unlock opportunities in real time, and enhance the reliability and sustainability of your operations.


Qorela DC

Qorela DC is a self-service data analytics platform that enables the users to connect vast amount of data from their desktops, databases and other data sources into one coherent repository with a unique solution to ingest, store, analyze and visualize big data.

A collaborative end-to-end data workbench that allows the users to load the data into the platform, ask series of complex questions and fetch the insights in visual forms.

Qorela IMC

Law enforcement and government agencies require the proper tools to effectively combat crime and prevent terrorist attacks. Learn how our industry-leading solution for lawful interception enables the LEAs to identify, monitor, and deliver all of the electronic communication of specified individual or groups into one monitoring system with a purpose to discover hidden patterns and criminal networks, predict and prevent the crimes, and gather solid evidence for prosecution.  

Products Family

  • Qorela TAC
  • Qorela PAx
  • Qorela EVC
  • Qorela MDM
  • Qorela ETA
  • Qorela BSS
  • Qorela OSI
  • Qorela CTI
  • Qorela SPT
  • Qorela SMC

Qorela TAC

Tactic Platform for Situational Awareness & Command and Control

Qorela TAC is a powerful platform that allows you to monitor, analyze, and command troops in the field from an operation center using a specially customized and dedicated mobile and SAT network.

Wearable and external sensors in the field can provide valuable metrics about the health and operational status of troops and devices, giving you full visibility and situational awareness.

With Qorela TAC's advanced AI capabilities, you can guide your tactical units to successfully reach their goals while also collecting and securing all information gathered from the field at the operation center. This allows you to conduct retrospective analysis and generate insights for future operations.

Why Powerful?


  • Law Enforcement
  • Defence
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing
  • Airways
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Emobility
  • Cargo
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials can utilize our products to predict and forecast potential crimes. These forecasts are then used to properly allocate police resources, focus investigations, and send out law enforcement officials.  


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Empowering Data Analysis with Qorela DC: A No-Code Revolution

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